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09-15-2019 13:26 hour
kristi dalske ( United States ) dalskek2 <at> gmail <dot> com
What another amazing fundraiser in shanes memory. the outpouring of support for shanes fund is so inspiring. thank you donna and john and family for what you do.
08-20-2019 21:20 hour
Colleen Whalen ( Pennsburg, Pa , United States ) colwhalen <at> gmail <dot> com
I am so grateful Donna for your generosity in helping Jayde enjoy her passion for music and purchasing a trombone for her. She's an amazing musician for a 13 year old and you have impacted so greatly, her ability to now pursue her passion and continue to play through MS and HS. This will also mean the world to her Dad and take away the burden of having to incur this expense. I admire your strength through your tragedy and turning into such kindness to help so many others. Thank you so much
05-14-2019 16:04 hour
Joan Parsons ( Oreland , USA ) hgtvjoan <at> yahoo <dot> com
Dear Halligan Family, Please accept our donation for Shane's Kindness in memory of Jimmy Halligan. We are so sorry for your loss. We are praying for the entire family during this sad time. Please let Missy know of our donation. Thank you, Joan and Skip
04-24-2019 15:53 hour
Shantel Keefrider ( Ambler PA , USA ) Shanteljune <at> gmail <dot> com
Today I received a beautiful note and donation for my warrior son Rhett. I read Shane’s story online and was brought to tears reading about him and all of the people you have helped. I can not thank you enough for kindness you have shown us. We are eternally grateful!!
Love, Shantel, Brian and Rhett Keefrider
02-08-2019 08:57 hour
Wendi Englehart ( Wyndmoor , USA ) wendienglehart <at> gmail <dot> com
Thank you to Shane's Kindness. I was given money to help with my Leukemia diagnosis last month and it helped us so much as we navigate the new world of medicine and being ill. It gave my mind a much-needed rest and allowed me to push my medicine order through. I cannot tell you how much this meant to me and my family.
12-18-2018 09:29 hour
Ida M Himes ( United States ) idadonald <at> msn <dot> com
Thank you to The Halligan, Luxton and Bond families for the $100 Target gift card and gifts to Karina of St. Gen's School. It is very much appreciated. I am so sorry for the reason that the families need to set up a remembrance, but appreciate that we were the recipient of their good work.

Ida Himes, Karina's grandmom
10-05-2018 14:40 hour
Dianne Hitchens ( Horsham,PA , USA ) dhitchen <at> hatboro-horsham <dot> org
While shopping today with the students in my high school life skills class, the school credit card did not work. While I was waiting to hear back from school about the card, 2 ladies from Shane's Kindness approached me and offered to pay for our order. What a shock and wonderful gesture. We cannot thank you enough! The supplies we bought are for our student run cafe. We hope you can join us on one of our cafe days to see where you gift went. Please email me for dates and times! With much appreciation,
Dianne Hitchens
09-15-2018 12:25 hour
Crystal Barkley ( Philadelphia, Pennsylvania , United States ) newpolicy3 <at> yahoo <dot> com
My coworker was really listening to me about my daily struggles as a single mom. School was starting for all 4 of my kids and to get them ready as usual I would not pay a bill to accomplish getting all needed supplies and uniforms. My coworker presented me with a Shane Kindness card along with some needed relief. My children and I really appreciate the help. There are always angels that you are amongst daily. Thank you to her along with Shane's Kindness. I'm truly grateful.
12-11-2017 18:30 hour
Cheryl ( Islip, NY , USA ) cherylmastermaker <at> yahoo <dot> com
Thank you for this site- My 16 year old daughter has made 3 attempts and has been in and out of all the hospitals on the Island and is currently awaiting Sagamore. My heart just breaks for her as she questions when the pain is going to end. It is terrifying for our family.
Prayers for Lisa Marie are so appreciated.
09-07-2017 19:16 hour
Eileen Kumpf ( Huntingdon Valley, PA , USA ) Imack91987 <at> msn <dot> com
I simply offered a quarter to a woman in the store today who was a little short making her purchase. She insisted that she give me back the quarter when she went to her car. I pleaded with her to pay it forward to someone else who came up a little short. She waited outside for me to return to my car where she returned the quarter and gave me one of your son's kindness cards. It really hit home with me because I have a son who was suicidal at one time and I myself have had those thoughts. I really believe in helping others no matter how small. I'm sorry that you lost a beautiful soul but know that his card had a major impact on me and I will always remember to be kind to others no matter how small that act is because it makes a big difference.
07-22-2017 17:14 hour
Pat & Deb DePaul ( Wyndmoor,Pa , USA ) pdepauljr <at> gmail <dot> com
One year ago today we were on the receiving end of the generosity of John and Donna and this wonderful venture they have pursued.Upon the passing of our son Christopher, who was a middle School friend of Shanes, words cannot describe the comfort that we have received from this act of kindnes and from the community support we have been shown.We thank them for their efforts and urge anyone with the means to help them continue this glorious adventure. God bless you all and keep up the good work
02-06-2017 20:36 hour
Denise E Stanley ( Warminster , United States ) d <dot> stanley4 <at> yahoo <dot> com
A lil late and I am sorry...Thank you to Shanes Kindness for the assistance that you helped my family with during the holidays! We received an Act of Kindness card to use from a wonderful and thoughtful friend to help my family with making a memorable Christmas for our children. My husband is disabled and we have three children. My family has been thru so much and this gift brought hope and faith back to us. This generous gift helped with the cost of filling their wish lists! Shane's personality seems to be in line with many of the same interested that my 11 yr old boy has as well! I pray to Shane to guide him as he grows and to help lead him down the path to achieve his dreams! Thank you so much for being there when my family was in need. May God Bless Shanes Kindness and the families that have created this in your son's honor. You have a special angel that is forever touching lives and helping others. Thank you and God Bless! May you continue to help others as the days contin
01-06-2017 10:37 hour
Jennifer ( Flourtown )
A donation was made in honor of Georgina O'Connell
01-02-2017 14:03 hour
Pat Sellers ( Oreland,Pennsylvania , United States ) sirscott77 <at> yahoo <dot> com
Today (1/2/17) I received a call from Russell Gowdy at Kilian's Hardware store that he had a Christmas present for me. Thank you so much for your kindness in the form of your gift bag.

Love & Blessings,

Pat Sellers The Keyboard Player

Thanks to the Halligan & Luxton famalies!
12-25-2016 21:52 hour
Dennis & Leeza
*also much thanks to the Luxton family in memory of their son Cole.
12-25-2016 21:47 hour
Dennis & Leeza
We are so thankful for gifts brought today on Christmas Day to our twin boys in the NICU. They were given in memory of Shane Halligan by the Borrell & Halligan families. It was completely out of the blue! It was incredibly heartwarming, Thank you. Our twin boys were born premature, have been fighting for their lives, and now 2 months later, will hopefully come home soon! Merry Christmas!
12-25-2016 21:40 hour
richelle ( flourtown, pa )
Merry Christmas! I can't put into words how I felt opening up this act of kindness gift this morning. I am forever grateful to have received such an honor and more empowered to "keep on smiling." So excited to pass it on! Thank you!!!!
12-20-2016 22:16 hour
Donna Masci ( Plymouth Meeting , United States ) mascifamily <at> gmail <dot> com
Shane's Kindness Fund has helped my family again this Christmas to put gifts under the tree for my children. We are so truly grateful and blessed!
12-12-2016 09:45 hour
Maureen Adamson
I can't believe it has been 10 years. I am still at a loss for words. As I continue to grow I better understand how fragile life is and how important it is to live in each moment as it comes and goes...tomorrow isn't guaranteed. Now I work with middle schoolers and I try to tell them every day--you do enough, you have enough, you are enough, you are loved. As was Shane. Much love to the Halligan family today and every day.
10-31-2016 22:02 hour
Kristi dalske
We want to thank donna and John and the shares kindness fund for their generous donation to the sunshine center in memory of our son Christopher.it is so heartwarming to have chris remembered in this way.thank you for what you are doing for so many people.
08-12-2016 13:02 hour
Nicole ( Warminster , USA ) nyobabe2 <at> comcast <dot> net
Yesterday when I came home from work a pretty little yellow envelope was waiting for me, I had no idea what was in store. I had been picked to receive acts of kindness cards(I love the idea of these cards!!) and a donation to help out our family while we are dealing with cancer yet again. It was very emotional for us as we read the words written and we will absolutely pass the kindness along in Shanes name. Thank you again, much love, Nicole.
03-14-2016 08:32 hour
The Christopher's ( Cape May County ) suehart330 <at> comcast <dot> net
We wanted to thank you again for your generous donation to help out our friend in need. Your message of kindness holds no boundaries and for that we are grateful. We can see acts of kindness all around us. Each one makes us think of Shane and your message to be kind to everyone we meet and to let them know they matter. Love you all! Suzanne and Jeff
01-29-2016 13:37 hour
Mecca Family ( Pennslyvania , USA ) sadie3chad <at> comcast <dot> net
Our Donation for this cause is in remembrance of THE RUMER FAMILY....I am Steve and Octavia Aunt Denise.

When her Dad passed they wanted a donation made for SHANE,S KINDNESS.

Prayers to you and your Family .

Peace be with you.
01-20-2016 12:36 hour
Kris and Kia ( Philadelphia, PA. , United States )
During these hard times, we prayed for a Christmas miracle, and our prayers were answered by you. Your generosity has left us speechless, and crying happy tears! Thank you! And thank you to everyone who has donated to Shane's fund. Words cannot express how grateful we are for all that you have done for us, and others. May you always be blessed. You will always be in our thoughts and prayers. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
01-04-2016 13:35 hour
Michelle Minkanic ( Pennsylvania , USA ) michellemink905 <at> gmail <dot> com
I received an act of kindness card and gifts from this family organization to mine for Christmas. My family has been through so much and I have read that this family has too. My family was so overjoyed to know that this family cared so much to help. We want to thank you and Shane for everything, despite being so late. We hold your family in our heart. As every family struggles, we have hope that there is a guardian angel to relieve us from our hardships.God bless every family going through such difficult times.
12-24-2015 19:57 hour
Jake ( fort washington, PA , USA ) jtlambert24 <at> gmail <dot> com
Thank you so much for setting up this foundation. Today a woman from FCC came and delivered my brother a bunch of presents. Inside was an Act of kindness card. It brought me to tears to see that people really care and want to help my family. Thank you so much this made our day.
11-02-2015 12:00 hour
Kris and Kia ( Philadelphia, PA. , United States )
Just stopping by to let you guys know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers. Your kindness has not, and will not EVER go forgotten. You have touched the lives of many, more than you know. The gift of kindness may start as a small ripple that over time can turn in to a tidal wave, affecting the lives of many. Shane's memory will live on through others, always.
09-04-2015 19:57 hour
anne Bradley annebradley11101989 <at> yahoo <dot> com
Shane, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you. Your mom dad and siblings are all superheros in disguise. Please keep an eye on my baby sister up there! I love you both. More importantly keep an eye on my baby brother in the fire service and school. He will need it. Donna thank you and everyone that has donated to Shane's kindness for helping my family in our time of need! Words can't describe how thankful I am for it. I cryed like a baby when my mom told me about the help from Shane's kindness. For Amanda and for Shane. Thank you all!
06-24-2015 19:27 hour
Mary ( Montgomery County , USA )
I received an act of kindness card today with a check that will help my family and I move into a larger living space. Right now we live in a one bedroom apartment for four people. My husband had a lung injury five years ago - two months after our second child was born - that has made it impossible for him to do the same type of work. He had a long road to recovery and we lost a lot in the process. He has been building his own business from the ground up ever since. Last year, just as we were beginning to get closer to "back on our feet," I had to have two brain surgeries. It is so hard to stay positive and not feel defeated, but one day at a time! We are so grateful to have a good friend who wants to help us get to a better place. Her giving us a loan is the only way we can try to make a fresh start. Shane is not forgotten and his kindness lives on.
04-11-2015 21:21 hour
brandon Ferretti
Saw this video. Made me smile and brought a tear to my eye.
01-01-2015 19:01 hour
Wendy N. ( United States ) twinsmomplusone <at> comcast <dot> net
One week before Christmas my boss called me into her office for what I thought was our regular morning meeting. Instead she handed me an envelope that contained cash, a check, a gift card and an act of kindness card. I was floored! I had been praying for a miracle for months and here was my answer! I want to thank you for providing my three children with a Christmas they did not think was possible. I have attached my bank deposit receipt to Shane's picture and I will carry them both with me all the days of my life. That picture has become my most cherished possession! May God continue to bless your organization as you help people in their most desperate hours.
12-26-2014 20:30 hour
Sorry I'm a day late but I come to say thank you for providing my girls with a christmas this year. You gave the girls the absolute best christmas they could ask for, it is not something I could have ever done on my own. It felt really good to see them happy like that. I thank you & Shane for the help. Merry christmas
12-19-2014 14:12 hour
Brandon Ferretti ( 18347 )
Dear Donna and John. I constantly think how bad its been for you and your family. i know that when we lost grandma it was bad. i know that you've persevered and i thank you everyday for the happiness you've given me
12-06-2014 10:19 hour
Morgan And Ryan Benner ( Norristown, PA , USA ) mr <dot> elias <dot> benner <at> gmail <dot> com
My wife has had the privilege and honor of working with Shane's grandmother, who decided our family needed a little help this holiday season. I am disabled, so I stay home with our one year old son while my wife works. We have a blessed life, but financially we were STRUGGLING. This has truly been a Christmas miracle, and my wife has found a friend and confidant in Dolores. Shane's story truly touched me because I tried to take my own life In April of 2011. I was unsuccessful, but lost my best friend to suicide that November, the day before Thanksgiving. Shane's Kindness and his beautiful family let me know I am not alone, and that a person's legacy does NOT end with their passing; their legacy lives on with the love and kind acts committed in their name. God bless, and thank you so much. We are very lucky and will continue to pass on the kindness and goodwill. If there is anything we can ever do for you or yours PLEASE let us know; until then we will keep you and yours in our hearts.
10-29-2014 08:37 hour
Kathy ( Oreland , USA )
As the holidays are now approaching I was reminded of something that happened last year. I work in a grocery store and a regular customer came back looking for a large box. He was setting up donation boxes for a friend and co-worker who had fallen on hard times due to an illness and fire. As we got to talking Donna popped into my head. When I called and talked to her about whether she could help them there was not a seconds hesitation. As I went over to pick up the envelope she gave, I had tears in my eyes. What an amazing feeling it was knowing how much it was going to help this family. That is what they do year round to help so many people. I really am in awe of them. Love you guys!
08-25-2014 15:12 hour
Donna M. ( Plymouth Meeting , USA ) mascifamily <at> gmail <dot> com
It is with great joy that I share an act of kindness that happened right under my own nose. My oldest son came across Shane's Story & reached out to his family in hopes of helping his much younger brother who has been tormented for the past couple of years from bullies. Not only has it left physical scars but the emotional scars are far worse. Even with therapy nothing seemed to help with his depression. Then one day we stumbled upon Jiu Jitsu. It gave Evan the confidence & feeling of protection that he needed. Unfortunately our family struggles to make ends meet with both my husband & oldest son in college & our daughter with special needs that affording these classes for our Evan was near impossible. With the help of our oldest son Tyler and Shane's Kindness Fund my son is happy & not scared once again! It is with our deepest sympathy that we send to the Halligan family for their loss of their son Shane. But we hope that they find comfort in the happiness that Shane gave to our son!
08-01-2014 09:05 hour
Karen Jarrell-Robinson ( Glenolden , Delaware ) Karenjarrellrobinson <at> gmail <dot> com
My family and I suffered one misfortune after another beginning 10/2013 with my admission to the hospital for a Lupus flare. I continued to suffer admission after admission. Then we had a fire in our laundry room that destroyed a lot of our clothing. My oldest son had two suicide attempts 12/31/12 and 1/20/14. Through all of this I hadn't received my short term disability, and wasn't able to go back to work. Christmas was fast approaching and my husband and I had no way to give our children any kind of Christmas. You made that possible. I want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving is just a little bit of sunshine in what had proven to be our darkest hour. Unfortunately, though I went back to work in January I ended up going right back out in May and now my doctors say that I have to go out on permanent disability. As we struggle yet again to make ends meet I don't have that worry looming over me that I did the first time because of people like you. God bless!
06-20-2014 15:44 hour
I want to thank you for great help you gave to my girl in need.
God bless.
06-13-2014 13:09 hour
Joan G. ( Pennsylvania , United States )
Thank you for helping my children and I in our time of need. You came to our rescue when we were down. That is a deed that shall not go forgotten. Sincerely, Joan
05-03-2014 16:01 hour
Bonny Bourque-Pinkham ( NH , USA ) Bonnylee531 <at> aol <dot> com
I am writing to Thank Shaneskindness for the very generous donation they gave to me to help bury my 25 year old son. I will pay it forward when this all over. Gos bless you and Thank you so much. Bonny
03-08-2014 11:28 hour
Melissa Delaney-Doliner ( United States ) clccc123 <at> aol <dot> com
Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Colin-Delaney-AKA-The-MIP/721442077886730
On February 22nd our world turned upside down when we were told to admit our son to CHOP with a diagnosis of Leukemia. Without a second thought Shane's fund made a contribution to our family, to help with the immediate expenses! The parking, the constant eating in the hospital and the extra gas. It was a huge relief to not have to worry about these expenses for a bit. We are in awe and appreciation of this amazing community we live in and words can't express our true gratefulness. Through this horrible ordeal, I will hold firmly to the belief of the important of paying it forward. Our family can use the words "thank you" but please know the deeper heartfelt appreciation behind those simple words.

Thank you,
Melissa, Dave, William and Colin
03-03-2014 20:03 hour
Lana ( USA )
I didn't know Shane. I don't know anyone currently being bullied, but this website means a lot to me. Bullying is an issue that NEEDS
02-17-2014 20:03 hour
Joseph ( Oreland, PA , USA )
Shane will alwalys be in my prayers.
01-18-2014 08:28 hour
Donna K. ( Glenside, PA , USA ) kendricksofitaly <at> yahoo <dot> com
Words still can not express how much I appreciate this organization, and the people who support it. In early November, my husband took his life leaving myself and three young children in despair. Brokenhearted, we remained strong with the support from this beautiful community, which we had just moved to 4 months prior. I was overwhelmed by the Act of Kindness that was paid forward to my family as I was able to provide gifts to my children at Christmas because of a donation from Shane's Kindness. I thank each and every person who helps support this organization and I hope your heart grew and you felt the love and appreciation sent from my prayers of thanks on Christmas morning. The innocent and happy smiles on the faces of my children, as they opened their gifts under the tree, were priceless. Thank you for that gift.
12-12-2013 12:34 hour
Despite utter despair and neverending sadness, the Halligan family has spread
kindness, caring and relief to so very many for 7 hard years. May they find some peace in the great work they have done in their son Shane's name. God Bless!!! and Keep on Smiling...
12-11-2013 09:29 hour
Alison Jacobs ( USA )
I need to thank the Shane Halligan Memorial Fund for helping me run a holiday drive to a Philadelphia homeless shelter for mothers and children. I can see from the comments below what a difference this fund is able to make! I look forward to supporting Shane's message of kindness in the years to come- I look forward to the day I can pay it forward!
12-06-2013 14:14 hour
I just wanna thank this wonderful foundation for helping to make my childrens Christmas brighter this year....our family is going thru a very hard time right now due to separation of me and my husband and the kids are taking it very hard.to be honest Im at a loss of words because this is all so fresh and happening so fast,its nice to know there are still people in the world that care and that take time out of their lives to help others...
12-06-2013 10:51 hour
Dolores Totl ( USA ) deetoto <at> comcast <dot> net
We may have lost our son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin or friend on earth but we gained an ally in heaven Love..
10-26-2013 14:41 hour
Kris and Kia ( Philadelphia, PA. )
The Shane Halligan Memorial Fund is beyond amazing. You have helped many families in our community, in many ways. You have went above and beyond on many occasions. You have helped with groceries, clothing, everyday necessities,sports fees, back to school supplies, and much more. The day Shane left, his memory remained through many. Donna and John have touched so many people/families, beyond what words can explain. You guys are amazing! We often think of Shane...he seemed like a warm hearted, friendly, giving, energetic, compassionate, funny and very positive young man. Just looking at his pictures, makes us smile. We would like to thank you both for starting this amazing Fund...and we would also like to thank everyone who has donated to it. You will always have a special place in our hearts.
09-27-2013 21:25 hour
Nicole Ortiz ( Levittown, pa , Unites States ) Neortiz05 <at> gmail <dot> com
My son was recently diagnosed with cancer of his kidney. He is 8 yrs old. He is an extremely energetic and healthy boy. We never saw this coming. In addition to the cancer, he has a horse shoe kidney as well. This is a rare condition. He has received chemotherapy and just under went surgery at which surgeons removed his right kidney. He will undergo more chemo and radiation in the near future. This situation is extremely stressful and requires hospital stays, co pays for chemo, other meds and procedures. I am a single mother who has been struggling. One day my son's teacher handed me an envelope from her friend who's son committed suicide. In it was a check. This was such a surprise and is a wonderful gift, to give to someone who you have never met. It's amazing and helps to remind me and others that even though, at times, it feels like we are surrounded by pain, suffering and sometimes evil there are wonderful, kind people out there and God is working his will through them.

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