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We hope this forum will serve as a valuable clearinghouse for suicide prevention information. Please feel free post messages about suicide prevention resources you have discovered, or simply share stories of healing and recovery. These are the stories we need to hear. We welcome voices from throughout the community.

We also hope that, one day, this board will be filled with uplifting, heartwarming stories from our Acts of Kindness Cards initiative. Please share your story by clicking on the "new guestbook entry" button below.

12-01-2010 00:32 hour
Valerie Madle ( Philadelphia )
I received and act of kindness that supported me through a very difficult time. Words cannot express my gratitude nor my appreciation for your thoughtful act. Donna you are driven by love and dedication that will pave the way for so many. I commend you. Shane's memory will live on through you and your family forever. God bless and Peace
11-15-2010 18:09 hour
Joe Hunter ( Plymouth , United States ) boltnjo <at> verizon <dot> net
Homepage: plymouthsoccer.org
Thank you for allowing our family to be a part of yours.

We love you all
10-15-2010 13:23 hour
I received an act of kindness card because the person in front of me paid for my order at the drive thru. I am so touched by this small act of kindness. I look forward to passing this along to others, the world needs more of this. My thoughts and prayers are with the Halligan family as they continue to grieve for their loss, but find fulfillment in knowing that Shane lives on with every act of kindness. May God bless you all.
10-02-2010 05:04 hour
Hein Kyaw Soe ( Singapore , Myanmar ) henryleehks <at> gmail <dot> com
Homepage: gmail.com
I do not interrupt my friends when he is talking.
09-18-2010 22:45 hour
Joan ( USA ) hgtvjoan <at> yahoo <dot> com
In reaching out to those who are depressed and contemplating that they want out, your yearly rememberance of Shane can only help those to know that they are sooo important to so many people. If this site alone saves one person what a tribute to Shane. Those family's you have helped is also a tribute to Shane and his kindness. Suicide use to be swept under the rug. Hidden. But opening your hearts and love to others.. suffering... makes it possible for others to do the same.. therefore making awareness that everyone on this earth is a gift from God and important in this world. Shane will be remembered and loved for all times. Luv to U all.
09-14-2010 20:27 hour
dolores toto ( lansdale , usa ) deetoto <at> comcast <dot> net
I intend to buy more of the kindness shopping bags to give to my friends,especially those at Kohls who purchased the shirts last year. I can't think of a better way to express the Got Kindness....Pass it on.
09-06-2010 11:08 hour
Erin Hyland ( Flourtown, PA , US )
Homepage: www.jackoutofthebox.com
Just heard of an old high-school classmate, age 30, who killed himself this week. Please encourage all your loved ones who suffer from depression to get help. And keep up your hard work, Donna!
08-22-2010 10:27 hour
A few updates with the fund. In just the past few weeks... You helped a family meet a monthly mortgage payment. Clothes and school supplies for a young woman starting college. Tuition assistance. Football registration and equipment fees. This fund is one of a kind....it just takes the edge off and provides a little breathing room. Keep up the good work.
08-10-2010 07:33 hour
Donna Halligan dmmaliz <at> comcast <dot> net
Third Annual Got Kindness golf outing, corn hole tournatment and deck party at the Flourtown Country Club. Friday, September 3rd. For more information, please email me at dmmaliz@comcast.net

If you would like to volunteer your time for the event, please contact me asap. Looking forward to seeing you all.
06-07-2010 12:04 hour
It has been a long time since I posted but Shane is always in my thoughts and prayers you know that I am sure. Our Uncle Billy O'C trimmed grass over at Holy S. at Shane's place last week. Uncle Billy is a good guy and takes care of the kids over there. You are always in our thoughts/prayers. Your site is a good thing and will help others. J
06-01-2010 00:54 hour
Jackie ( Allentown , United States ) jackievu08 <at> gmail <dot> com
Hello, My name is Jackie. I lost my sister to suicide this past November. My boyfriend met you, Kara, at one of his karaoke nights. I appreciate your donation to my walk for AFSP. And I appreciate that you understand need for suicide awareness. This is such a terrible time for my family and me, but the publication of your story makes it just a little bit more bearable. You and your family are not alone in this struggle. Thank you for creating this website and thank you so so much for your contribution to AFSP.
05-28-2010 09:00 hour
Tyreese James ( Erdenheim, USA ) tweetybird31293 <at> aim <dot> com
I would like to thank you for help me I have also felt the same way shane was feelin but I am doin alot better noe
04-21-2010 23:48 hour
Jaron Battle ( Wyndmoor , USA ) docroc316 <at> yahoo <dot> com
Hi, my name is Jaron. I'd just like to thank you for your support in my time of need. You've helped me in a mjor way. Thank you so much.
04-17-2010 22:32 hour
Cindy ( USA )
I bought a Got kindness? shirt todayat a shop in Skippack. I was asked by a few people about it. I hope to share your story with many others. God bless you all.
04-11-2010 03:26 hour
passerby ( idaho )
This is beautiful.
03-24-2010 23:54 hour
A death here at school of someone I knew made me think of Shane today and want to reread all these comments about he is still touching our lives. He comes into my mind when I least expect it, which while it makes me sad, also makes me happy. It means I haven't forgotten him, something I was terrified would happen. We miss you and love you Shane, even if we couldn't say it in person.

"If you could hear me, I would say that our finger prints don't fade from the lives we've touched."
02-17-2010 13:35 hour
Kristin P. ( Philadelphia )
Words cannot express how grateful I am for the help you have provided to a couple young boys from my neighborhood. Without help from the Shaneskindness Fund they wouldn't be able to participate in youth sports programs. You have truely been an angel to them and I'm sure they are extremely thankful. Thank you for being there to help them out.
01-01-2010 19:35 hour
Mom Toto ( lansdale pa , usa ) deetoto <at> comcast <dot> net
I would like to thank all of you who have responded to the Acts of Kindness from the Halligan family in Shanes name.Our family would never know the kindness bestowed upon so many people thru Shanes fund unless we read it on the Message board. God bless all of you who have benefitted from the fund and I know there will be many more.
12-28-2009 17:37 hour
George Alkire ( Fort Washington, PA , USA ) bigsky_g <at> yahoo <dot> com
Our home was destroyed on 20Dec2009, my son and I escaped with minimal injury and are so happy to be together, healthy, and happy. My wife Karen and I have just now had time to open some of the cards that were generously left at the fire station. The assistance Shane's Kindness has provided my family will make it all the easier to restore normalcy to the lives of our two small children. Thank you, and may God bless Shane's memory.
12-14-2009 22:02 hour
Joan ( USA ) hgtvjoan <at> yahoo <dot> com
Thinking of you all always. A day never goes by without something reminding me of what happened to your family and to mine. Sometimes when I hear all those TV commercials on anti-depressents that may cause suicides, I am jolted into realty that those things happen to good people. There is no reason why and there is no way to stop it. God takes care of us all and family, friends are out strength. What you do for others is a tribute to Shane's memory and Shane's kindess. Angels walk with us all the time. I believe and I know you do too. Luv to U all. Merry X-Mass too.
12-13-2009 00:39 hour
Christi Lieberman
To the Halligan family-
I've been thinking about you guys alot today. I know its hard to just go about your everyday routine when Shane is constantly on your mind. The good thing though is that there are so many memories of Shane that come to mind that are happy and inspiring to me. God blessed you with an amazing son and brother and I could tell that just from seeing his fun-loving personality. You are all in my thoughts and prayers- everyday of the year. May God bless your lives and I wish you a happy holiday and new year.
12-12-2009 21:33 hour
Joan Mignogno ( Roslyn , Pa. ) Whoopicleo <at> aol <dot> com
Hi Donna and John and Kara Christopher,
Gerry and I have been thinking of you today our thoughts and prayers are with you always.... If you ever need anything
we are always here for all of you. We Love you so much you guys. I hope I get up the mountains again soon Donna heehe that was fun but we have to spend more time with eachother me and you. I love you Donna. Love Joannie.. I love you to John and Kara and Christopher. Please call if you ever want to talk or just need anything we are always here
12-10-2009 19:02 hour
You are both truly amazing people,your kindness has touched many peoples lives in so many ways. Shane would be so proud of you both.
12-05-2009 23:58 hour
Pam Yohlin
Thank you, Donna and John, for sharing your story at Archbishop Ryan High School. Your words, your presence, and your son have made a difference in our the lives of our students. Feedback has been incredible. Acts of kindness - because of you... because of Shane - are foremost in everyone's minds. Many thanks. We will always remember Shane. You are a blessing to our community.
11-28-2009 15:03 hour
Cara and Carey ( Philadelphia , USA ) herondoubled <at> aol <dot> com
In this time of giving thanks, I am so blessed to have been touched by the life of Shane Halligan and his family. I want to give thanks to Shane's life (though to short). Shane's life and his kindness have had such an impact on my son Carey's life. The Halligan family has helped us in an amazing way. I am so greatful.I'm inspired by the Halligan family.Though we have never met I have such a deep admiration and love for the whole family for helping others in honor of Shane's life. My son is a testimony to how special and strong of an impact "acts of kindness" can make a difference in ones life. My life has changed, the feeling of being kind and/or helping others is so powerful and cleansing. Everyone, rich or poor, old or young can be inspired by "kindness". Your son's memory will live on in my son.I will teach him "kindness",gratitude, giving and helping others less fortunate than yourself. There will always people who's life can be impacted with just a little KINDNESS. WE LOVE YOU !
11-10-2009 18:00 hour
CRYSTAL BROWN septababe35 <at> yahoo <dot> com
Dear Shane

I never got the chance to meet you but you managed to change my life, and for that I Thank You!!!!
10-29-2009 22:21 hour
Henry Brown ( Philadelphia , United States ) babyjordan0033 <at> yahoo <dot> com
suicidal thoughts and tendancies should be abolished from ones thought process like slavery! sorry for your hardship and anguish. ican begin to know your pain totally. my son was just paralyzed from chest down July 31st 2009. this happened so sudden. he has a c5 injury from one gun shot wound to the back of the neck. Im a basketball coach but a legendary ball player that give the kids a chance to showcase their up and coming talent. A summer ago the referee was shot in broad day light with hundreds of witnesses during a game at 33rd and Diamond st. it made the philadelphia daily news so did my sons shooting. thanks to the shooting on the basketball court there is no more basketball league. the adults spoiled it for the kids. the kids should still have basketball im the voice for them. i was paying for everything out of my pocket until my sons accident because my son needs a lawyer and bail money etc. i didnt want to give up on the kids cause the kids is where its at. The kids count.
10-28-2009 19:15 hour
Kate Maguire ( Oreland, PA , USA ) katemagu14 <at> gmail <dot> com
Hello Halligan Family,

A friend of mine recently told me about an organization called Out of the Darkness which organizes community walks to raise money for suicide prevention and I would love to be able to have a walk in Springfield to help the cause. If you are interested, let me know and I would love to organize it.

God Bless You.

Kate Maguire :)
09-12-2009 11:26 hour
Joe and Dana Malizia, Jr.
Hey Donna and John, Dana and I were just thinking about you and Shane and came back to the website to read his story again. I hope everyone is doing well and I am glad to hear that the recent fundraiser was a success. Love,
Joe and Dana
09-09-2009 20:46 hour
Crystal Brown ( Philadelphia ) septababe35 <at> yahoo <dot> com
Donna, John, Kara and Chris, my name is Crystal Brown and I have never met you but love the strength you all have within. I admire what you all have done and will continue to do to help others. I have had my days and still do of depression. My situation is different but depression is the same no matter who is dealing with it. I am a single mother of 4 wonderful children, well you know a mother is supposed to tink that any way. Two of my children have Muscular Dystrophy. Aylisha and Christopher used to walk and with in two months they were both in wheelchairs. I only give GOD the credit for the strength that I carry. I struggle everyday like no one would ever believe. I hold my head up high when I leave my house and put a smile on my face. My heart have been in pain for many years but life does have good days. Even though I have to do it all for my children I have learned GOD puts us through challenges so he can use us. KEEP STRONG AND GOD MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOREVER. LOV
09-08-2009 20:13 hour
Mom deetoto <at> comcast <dot> net
I can't begin to thank everyone who made Shanes Kindness Fund Raiser the success that it was. Just know that your kindness makes it possible for the fund to do so much for people in need.
God bless all of you.
09-02-2009 17:49 hour
dee McDowell
I am so proud of you-$40,000-WOW
08-27-2009 16:02 hour
Paula ( Hatfield , USA ) plm21354 <at> msn <dot> com
Hello everyone. I work with Dolores at Kohls and purchased one of the "kindness" shirts. I was wearing it for a brief trip to Giant and a gentleman who was a chef giving out samples said I was the second person he saw today with this shirt! I explained the significance and know that the shirts have made an impact both monetarily and "passing on" kindness by interacting with others.

God Bless You!
08-27-2009 13:33 hour
Just a brief update on Shane's fund:
The Shane Halligan Memorial Fund has provided over $40,000.00 in funds to families in ours and surrounding communities. We have provided for sports registrations, counseling, food, clothing, mortgage payments, tuition assistance, holiday gifts and meals and countless other needs that have been brought to our attention.
08-17-2009 18:19 hour
Donna and John
Hi Everyone, if you haven't already heard the 2nd annual "Shanes Kindness" Golf Outing and deck party will be held on Friday, Sept 4th. Golf registration has closed, but plenty of room for the deck party and new this year Corn hole tournament. (bean bag horseshoes) you can email me at dmmaliz@comcast.net for more information.
08-13-2009 22:24 hour
Meg Dowling megdowling4 <at> yahoo <dot> com
Its been just over a year since my friend, Reilly's accident. We are still so grateful for the donation made through Shane's Kindness to Reilly a year ago. She has improved SO much over the past year. I don't think she could have gotten as far as she has without the love and support of everyone, including you. She recently told me herself, "I can do anything." and i believe her. After everything she's been through i know anything can happen if you just have the will.

Shane's Kindness does so much good for our community and I am grateful everyday for all the good that came out of this.

I still think about Shane everyday and even more so when I'm working in a theatre. I just finished an internship at People's Light and Theatre in malvern and i couldn't help but think about Shane everyday i was there. I feel like he is watching over all of us and is making everything that has happened over the past year possible.

thank you again for everything you've done!

07-28-2009 06:40 hour
Oreland Resident
I just found this site. I hope that it serves as inspiration to kindness. It seems that we are so afraid in these uncertain times that we hunker down in our own orbits. Perhaps if we could spread more kindness and less gossip, more forgiveness and less judgment, more compassion and less anger we really could honor Shane's life. Thank you Donna and John for being resurrection people who have created new hope and new life from loss. May we all be inspired to follow your example!

God Bless you.
06-27-2009 10:15 hour
Donna and John
We want to thank the "Kindness" of the Artisan's Nest in Skippack. They are carrying "kindness shirts" and are returning every dollar of the sale to Shane's fund. The shirts were donated by a Flourtown friend (who would like to remain nameless) If you make a trip to Skippack, please stop by this little place. It has wonderful jewelry and gifts and thank the owner Deb for her kindness.
06-27-2009 10:06 hour
Donna and John
Getting all caught up at once. I would like to thank my mom and the wonderful people at Kohls for their support and embrace of "Got Kindness" in Shane's memory. We sold out of our shirts on hand and have placed a new order!!!
Way to go Kohl's.
06-27-2009 10:02 hour
Donna and John
Much of the money we give out is done with the promise of not revealing the details. Please know that we have done so much with the funds, but are unable to provide alot of information. If you need help or know someone that does...do not forget you have a place to turn.
06-27-2009 09:59 hour
Donna and John
So many updates. Over the past few months we have been able to assist many people. Because of the economy so many of our neighbors are struggling. We have contributed to the Holy Martyrs tuition fund. We have paid one months rent for a single mom. Contributed towards funeral expenses for a local family who lost their mom. Although our primary concern is always for kids to be able to partipate and not feel left out because of financial reasons, we will continue to assist anyone who asks for help.
04-09-2009 11:00 hour
Shane's angel ( PA )
Everytime i walk into halligans.
i pray for you.
i will love oyu forever. you were an amazing person.
we will never forget that day.
03-23-2009 12:39 hour
Shane's fund just provided money for bills, groceries and some clothing money for a single dad. The family has some ongoing medical issues. But because of everyone's support we were able to give this family some breathing room.
03-05-2009 11:22 hour
We recently contriubted to "a miracle 4 Melissa" daughter of a woman who grew up in Oreland. Melissa was paralyzed in a fall while on vacation. The funds will be used to assist in her at home care. Thank you
02-17-2009 15:52 hour
John Halligan ( Underhill Vermont ) johnhalligan <at> inbox <dot> com
Homepage: ryanpatrickhalligan.org
Dear Shane,

Your Mom reached out to me last night. I remember the day and felt the sadness all over again. We share the same last name and tragically the same heartache for both you and Ryan. I hope you both met by now up there in heaven. Your birthdays are so close and so are your interests. We will continue to honor your memories to save others so we can earn the right be reunited again some day. God bless you and your family.

02-12-2009 13:54 hour
Denise Mac
Donna, John, Cara & Chris,
You are all in my thoughts and prayers today as I lovingly remember Shane on his birthday...yes, I will have a cheeseburger today and hope he is smiling on us all.
Shane's Kindness, thanks to you, is alive and being shared throughout our community. Your reaching out to those in need, not only helps you manage your grief; but teaches all of us what caring for others and loving your neighbor is all about. God Bless you.
Love Denise
02-11-2009 20:17 hour
Louise Pepe ( Bensalem,Pa. , U.S.A. ) yobabe1 <at> verizon <dot> net
Dear Donna and John,we want you to know that we are thinking of you and your family.We are aware that tomarrow would have been Shanes 18th birthday.We want you to know we have not forgotten,and we will remember always.We will keep you in our prayers.
Our Love,
Aunt Louise and Uncle Pepe
02-06-2009 14:13 hour
Donna and John
Just wanted to update all of you. In addition to the 5 military families, we contributed to 3 additional local families to help provide Christmas for their children.

Shanes Kindness also provided additional funds to help a local child who was injured in a fall.

We have also assisted a family with rent money to get over the hump.

Just know that your contributions have directly impacted just regular people who have need a little support.

Thank You
John and Donna
12-19-2008 14:07 hour
Kristin ( Phila,Pa. )
I want to thank the Halligan family along with everyone else who supports the fund. You have helped so many people in so many ways.

Happy Holiday's to all.
12-18-2008 22:58 hour
A Friend
I want to thank the Halligan family for supporting a family that is very special to me. Shane is an angel for this family and as I read this I see he has been an angel for so many people. What a wonderful way to celebrate him. I have heard his Aunt speak of him and his family and I am sorry that I never got a cance to know him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Have a very Merry Christmas.

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