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07-03-2007 20:07 hour
The Doyle's bunnydoyle <at> msn <dot> com
Dear Donna & Johnny,
As tomorrow approachs and memories of parades gone by flood your hearts, minds and souls, we just wanted you to know that as we watch the parade we will be remembering that proud smiling young man, who was beside himself to be standing in that helicopter or tank! We will remember along with your family & friends how honored we are to have known and LOVED Shanney. As always we are with you in prayer and love, Bunny, Fran, Shan, & Bren
06-12-2007 20:07 hour
Bunny Doyle ( usa ) bunnydoyle <at> msn <dot> com
Dear Donna Bonna...
A few years ago I had a hole in my heart, the hole was patched, & the physical seal remains, but 6 months ago today, the hole came back, it is there because I miss Shaney, it's there because I feel so broken hearted for you my dearest friend. It is also there for Johnny, Kara & chris, because there is nothing I can do for them to help ease their pain,I pray for each of you everyday. I need you to know that I, along with Fran, Shan & Bren, are here for you always. We love you. We are so proud of you and your family. This web site honors not only his memory but you strength as well.
Love me
06-11-2007 15:13 hour
matt mcdowell ( USA ) mattymcd17 <at> yahoo <dot> com
6 months is tomorrow, it seems like just a couple weeks ago, i wish i could see you one more time

i love and miss you so much
fly high shane
06-11-2007 14:48 hour
lauren ( alabama ) soccerlova93 <at> aol <dot> com
i dont no you but i herd your story, you were an amazing kid and nothing could have changed that! i no that when you grow up you would have been great doing what you do!
06-08-2007 11:47 hour
Joseph Malizia, Jr. ( FOB Hammer , Iraq ) joejlitz <at> hotmail <dot> com
Thanks for sending me an email and a link to this site. I think this is great what you are doing. I read Shane's bio about how he loved the military and I can only hope that I am doin everything that he expects out of an American soldier and I hope he would be proud of me. I would have loved to show him what soldiering is all about. God bless him and God bless you. Love,
06-08-2007 09:23 hour
Teresa Mignogno ( abington , US ) tt2962 <at> hotmail <dot> com
Homepage: myspace.com
Dear Karia chris aunt Donna and uncle Jhon. I just want to let you know how much i love you all. I think of shane every day and i pray for him everynight when i go to sleep. the thing was soo funny what Genna said about shane. i starting laughing when i saw that. i could just see him now chaceing after the golf cart.. hahahaha. I remember that one time down the shore when he was running around the table singing rich girl and we were putting it on a video tape. then I remember we where all playing connect 4 and we where only playing around but we where fighting over us being cuzz's cause we didn't know if we where or not. hahaah that was the funnyst thing ever. every time i here that song rich girl it always makes me think about him running around he table singing it. ok well i have to go now. REST IN PEACE SHANEYBOY... I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH.
06-07-2007 12:14 hour
Donna Halligan
A dontation from Shane's Kindness was made to "For Jake's Sake" to assist a child and his family. Our community pulled together a fundraiser to help Jake's family purchase a special needs van. Way to go everyone. Hope to post again soon.
05-25-2007 17:00 hour
Lillian Bierwirth ( Spring City , United States )
Dear Donna and John,
Sitting here watching "Finding Neverland," kind of brings Shane to mind as a boy who will always be young and in everyones hearts and thoughts. You managed to make my heart lighter due to your kindness to my granddaughter. You've made her life easier and happier, for the gift you gave her through Shane's Helping Hands. I cannot begin to state the gratitude I feel towards your family. Your son is in my heart and life forever and I will extend a helping hand in his name for as long as i may. As I know he would, as my granddaughter speaks of him and how everyone has loving and fun thoughts of him, brings smiles to your face.
Your in my thoughts and prayers always, Lillian Bierwirth (Your mothers friend from Kohl's)
05-25-2007 09:22 hour
Rose roze_fassett <at> comcast <dot> net
Dear John, Donna, Kara & Chris,
I've been meaning to write on here for some time now, but always struggled with the right words to say. I never knew Shane, but what I have been learning by getting to know your wonderful family is how much of an amazing boy he was. His story has touched me and has incouraged me to do so many things better with my own life and to help my family & others in any ways that I can. Getting to know Kara, and her entire family has made me feel so blessed. I live about 2 hours from my own family and it makes me feel pretty lonely at times. Now that I have met Kara and have been welcomed by her amazing family, I feel more and more like I'm home. I am so sorry about your loss, and could not fathom the pain you must feel. Please know how special your family truly is. This website is so beautiful, and your family is so strong.

God Bless*
05-24-2007 18:50 hour
Christi Lieberman lieby14 <at> yahoo <dot> com
Dear Halligans,
I go to STHS and knew Shane through theater.. remembering especially our fun times doing Charlie Brown together. For some reason today, i have been thinking in detail about Dec 12 and really miss Shane not only in our school, but as a funny guy and friend with a great acting talent and personality. I remember a specific conversation we had together one A block on how he was going to take a flying test in a helicopter and how excited he was and i thought that was the coolest thing ever. Looking back and remembering how i sat listening to Shane talk through the door to Tony in the Spanish room i was in on Dec. 12, i realize just HOW MUCH i miss him and HOW MUCH of an influence that day has had on my life. My heart goes out to you as a family because as the days go on, i know the pain can just be so overwhelming. You all are so blessed to have a boy like Shane was. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Thank you so much for everything you've done.
May God Bless, Christi
05-23-2007 20:14 hour
Joe Burns ( NJ ) Jmburns143 <at> yahoo <dot> com
Dear Mr and Mrs Halligan,

I never met Shane nor knew of his tragedy until today. But sometimes people are brought in your life when you least suspect. In NYC today I met Shane’s Grandmother and Aunt. They both touched my heart in way that they will never understand. I bet it is the same way that Shane touched other. I have two children of my own – 11 and 9, I pray everyday that they are happy. As my kids get older, I realize that I will no longer be an influence on them, they will soon be turning to their friends. I just hope to God that they make the correct choices. I am so sorry about the lose that you must feel. I wish I had words to make things right for you. I pray tonight that you can be at peace and know that God has accepted Shane into his kingdom
05-18-2007 22:19 hour
Brian McCollum ( Oreland, PA , USA ) b_mac995 <at> hotmail <dot> com
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Halligan

It's hard not seeing him in school or drive past me on my walk home and to school as well. It is also hard not seeing him at scout meetings and up at camp. It is wierd not seeing him, and hearing his laugh, his jokes, and all positive aspects about him. I feel as if a part of me on that day, had died or left my spirit. I miss him everyday. Your family and Shane will be in me and my family's prayers. Thank you for raising such a wonderful person no, FRIEND.

Brian McCollum
05-08-2007 17:54 hour
Nicole Samuel TimelessDreamz7 <at> aol <dot> com
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Halligan,
It is so hard to say everything that I need to say. Shane was the only reason that I ever got into theatre at Springfield. He helped me find the thing that i LOVE to do the most. I would have never signed up for a theatre class let alone try out for "Around the World" if it wasnt for Shane. He helped me discover the thing that I love to do, and because of him I know what i want to do with my life. I would have never found the joy of acting if it wasnt for him pushing me to audition. He was one of the greatest joys in my theatre classes!! I have never laughed so hard or enjoyed a class so much. There are no words powerful enough to let you know how thankful I am to have known your son. I will never forget my first day of practice for the play. I will never forget all of those times that i shared with Shane on the stage, they were some of the best memories that I have of Springfield.
You are in my thoughts.
05-07-2007 05:05 hour
Donna and John Halligan
Because of the generosity of our community, Shane's memorial fund was able to provide a local family with a new computer. God Bless,
Love, The Halligan Family
04-29-2007 18:01 hour
Sarah Demarest ( Oreland , United States ) garnet1208 <at> aim <dot> com
Homepage: readingwritingdrama.blogspot.com
Dear Halligans,
You don't know me, but I am Steve Demarest's younger sister. I remember the day that Shane took his life like it was yesterday, and it still seems unbeleivable. My brothers face on that day was one i cannot describe. It was one of pain and despair, the kind of expression you have when you've lost something you can't find. My brother will be forever trying to find his lost friend, grasping for something that isn't there, like when you think theres another step but there isn't and your food just fumbles around in mid air. I know how it feels to loose someone close to you. Remember, even the strongest materials will break down. cry when you are sad, and smile when you are happy.
With all my love,
Sarah Demarest
04-25-2007 09:02 hour
Michael D'Alonzo ( Horsham , USA ) mjdalonzo <at> hotmail <dot> com
Dear John, Donna, Kara and Chris,

It is amazing how Shane, at such a young age, was able to touch so many hearts. He was a WONDERFUL person that came from a WONDERFUL family. I admire the courage you have all shown and the example that you are setting for so many families.

The web site is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it!

Michael D'Alonzo
04-17-2007 17:39 hour
Victoria Holt ( Oreland, PA , USA ) tholt21 <at> hotmail <dot> com
Dear Halligan Family,
I go to STHS though just as an eighth grader I was forever changed by Shane. I didn't know him, but I wish I could have. He seemed like such an amazing young kid and he had so much to live for. I keep your family in my prayers because everyday I think about Shane and how he won't be able to graduate, get married, or thousands of other things. The shooting deaths at VT reminded me how much one person can affect so many people's lives in just a simple moment. December 12th was the worst day of my life and I'm sure it was a billion times more for you. Shane changed me forever and I could never ever forget that day for as long as I live. I hope your family is getting through this rough time together and by setting up this website, you'll be able to help people.

Thank you.
04-17-2007 10:11 hour
Kim Carney ( Drexel Hill PA , USA ) kimcarn1 <at> yahoo <dot> com
Donna, my son Eirik plays in the Upper Darby Little League - you were ever so kind to donate a left handed cather's glove to him. He just absolutely loves it - we both would like to thank you for your kindness and generousity. God Bless you and your family.
04-17-2007 05:21 hour
Bob Santoro ( Glenolden , USA ) ottooj187 <at> yahoo <dot> com
Homepage: http://www.drexelswimclub.com/
Hello Dona and Family. Hope you are all doing well. It was good to speak with you the other day Dona. I am looking forward to you attending a Baseball game. Not sure what the rest of your families schedule is but hopefully they can join you. It would be really nice to meet you and your family. I am also on the Board of Directors for the Drexel Swim Club. Maybe you and your family can join my family for a fun day at the pool. We have many activities this summer. I have 3 kids. http://www.drexelswimclub.com/
That is our website. I am able to have four free guests a day and you are all welcome to come. I was able to give out the last of my cards you sent me at our Directors meeting last night and look forward to receiving more to spread Shane's kindness. Well, I just wanted to stop by and say hello. Hope you all have a WONDERFUL day. Anyone wishing to also contact me for just some chat or to help spread the goodwill my address is ottooj187@yahoo.com My name is Bob or AKA, Coach Bob.
04-14-2007 21:25 hour
Katy Raines ( York, Pa , USA ) Rainey843 <at> yahoo <dot> com
Dear Donna,
It is interesting that I have no idea who you are or who your son was, but I have been effected by your outreach. I was in Harrisburg tonight with my boyfriend. We were walking around and was approached by a woman who offered us free tickets to a concert by the state building. Although we never attended the concert, we embraced her act of kindness and Shane's card. It is a reminder that all actions are observed and can make a difference in another's life. I'm 17 years old and going to college in a few months-away from home, friends, and my boyfriend. Death is a continuous reminder of how fragile life is, how how we must live each day to it's fullest: to not do things we will regret, to surround ourselves with those whom we love, and to tell people how we feel. So thank you for all you are doing. His love is being shared. Good Bless you and your family.
Katy Raines
04-14-2007 12:37 hour
Mary W. ( Flourtown, PA , U.S.A. ) MNWood3 <at> comcast <dot> net
Dear Donna, I was at my nephews little league game today and a women handed me Shane's act of kindness card. The moment I got home I went to your website. You have created a beautiful web-site, I admire your courage and strenght to put this together. God Bless
04-14-2007 08:21 hour
Coach Bob Santoro ( Glenolden,PA , USA ) ottooj187 <at> yahoo <dot> com
Dear Donna,

Thank you so very much for donating to my Little League Baseball Team. Your kindness is so inspirational and will be heard throughout the baseball League. The name of the League is Upper Darby Little League. Our Team name is The Marlins ( Minor League ). Here is the UDLL website.
http://eteamz.active.com/UDLL/ Copy and paste it into your browser.
DOnna, I don't know what else to say. It is such a joy to know there are good-hearted people out there. You will be hearing from me often and I will try to post a Team Picture on your site. The boy's name you helped is Erik.
Erik is one of the better players in the league. If you could have only seen the look on his face yesterday when I told him he could play catcher. I'm sure you know the look I'm speaking of. The look of pure happiness. FOr all those reading these blogs, Donna and her Family have been a Blessing. Donna , you and your family will be forever in our thoughts and prayers. More to follow
04-08-2007 19:08 hour
Meg Dowling ( Glenside ) born2sing_44_44 <at> yahoo <dot> com
I was just looking at the pictures of shane and saw the one of him in the helicopter from the 4th of July parade. I remember i was walking up the street as the parade was going and seeing shane on the helicopter and yelling and waving too him. when i saw that picture it made me smile. i think about shane everyday and he will forever be in my heart, as well as your family.

With love,
Meg D.
04-08-2007 05:40 hour
Donna Halligan
Shanes Kindness was able to contribute to the educational fund for two children who's mother took her life last summer. The children are being raised by their grandmom and an educational fund was established.
04-04-2007 20:55 hour
Alison Lewis ( Horsham ) contessa80110 <at> aol <dot> com
Dear John, Donna, Kara and Chris,
You are all amazing and a tribute to your son and brother. You are in my thoughts and prayers every day. This is a beautiful website and is sure to help and inspire many people.
Love you!
03-30-2007 09:16 hour
Dan Coutts & Family ( Wyncote , USA ) daniel <dot> coutts <at> penske <dot> com
Although I never had the opportunity of meeting Shane, I've known you guys for many years now and wanted to say how much I admire your courage and will to continue living life to the fullest. God Bless you and your entire family.
03-27-2007 13:16 hour
Alaina Jamison lainjam <at> yahoo <dot> com
Aunt Donna, Uncle John, Kara, and Chris,
This website is amazing! It makes me really proud to look at this and see how strong all of you are, and how much support you are getting through this. It also makes me proud to see how something like this can bring people together.
I cherish the memories that I have with Shane, especially the ones from down the shore. You guys are always in my thoughts and prayers.
I love you!
03-27-2007 09:32 hour
Lisa Giovinazzo ( Flourtown , USA ) Chatter410 <at> comcast <dot> net
I'm a true believer in Acts of Kindness and a funny thing happened on Sunday at Boscov's. I was there with my mother at the register and of course, we didn't have a coupon. Not only did this stranger give us her coupon when she was done, but we also shared the coupon with the person in front of us. It was at that time that this woman handed handed me this Acts of Kindness Card. After reading the card and seeing it was for Shane, we found out it was Shane's grandmother. To bring it even closer to home, we are Springfield Township residents and although we did not know Shane personally, our family felt this pain for the Halligans. God Bless you, your family and this wonderful website! I look forward to spread Acts of Kindness in your son's memory!

Lisa Giovinazzo
03-26-2007 13:28 hour
Paige Malizia ( Collegeville, PA )
Christina, I really love everything you just said. Our family really is amazing. Genna, like Grace, Nick, and Kate already said, your story makes me laugh every time, but it also makes me cry. We had some awesome times with him up the Poconos. Matt, thanks for putting up the video. I loved it. Aunt Donna and Uncle John, you did a great job making this site. You guys, along with Chris and Kara, have been so strong throughout all of this.
03-26-2007 04:48 hour
Eileen and Jim Mercer ( Woodbury NJ , USA ) eileenmercer1 <at> comcast <dot> net
Hi Halligans,
This site is beautiful, as are your hearts, your love, your strength and your sweet family...
Affectionately, Eileen and Jim Mercer
03-25-2007 17:19 hour
Joan Parsons ( USA ) hgtvjoan <at> yahoo <dot> com
Hi Donna,I keep Shane's card close to my heart. The days for you I am sure are very tough. As a parent and mother,we have to be the strong one for the rest of the family especially the children.Knowing first handed (since my cousin who was a sister to me took her life) the hurt,despair,what could have been done will haunt you for a long time.You have to try very hard not to think of that but to remember only the good times.You cannot let this tragedy bring you down.Your family needs your strength more than ever.The hurt must subside but only you can control that with good memories and knowing it was meant to be.We can't ever understand the reason,but we have to GO ON. We have to for those who love us more than ever now.When Babs took her life, I blamed myself for not seeing it coming,blamed myself for not being able to help her and stop her.It is only when it happens that you see the signs were maybe there,but it is too late for me back then.You can do this for Shane.
Your 2 Love Joa
03-25-2007 15:31 hour
Christina Malizia ( Philadelphia , USA ) christinamalizia <at> hotmail <dot> com
Well I have always known in my heart that I come from a truly wonderful family.But until this awful tragedy struck that is when I saw how really strong we are as well. How does my Godmother keep moving, how does my closest cousin keep singing? How does John go to work, and Chris back to school? I don't know how, but what I do know is that there is so much love in my family. This young man has shown, in his own way to us, that our family really has the strength to battle anything life throws at us. This may be a tragady, but I'll be damned if it stops us from living.
03-24-2007 20:04 hour
Linda Engelbert ( Doylestown, PA ) lengelbe <at> comcast <dot> net
As an Act of Kindness in tribute to Shane, we have sponsored the following impoverished teenagers in the Dominican Republic through the Children International organization.

- Isreal Kelly (age 14) living with his parents and 8 brothers and sisters with a household income of $85 per month
- Rafelina Rodríguez (age 13) living with her mother and 3 brothers and sisters on a household income of $176 per month

These children will now benefit from medical and dental care, nutritional assistance, and educational support and youth programs. The sponsorship will also help their families find new ways to support themselves and their community.

This Act of Kindness will lift these children and families up, filling them with hope and making a better life possible.

In Loving Memory of Shane
The Engelberts
03-22-2007 05:15 hour
Lisa and Rick Pasceri ( Ambler Pa ) Lpasceri <at> wsd <dot> k12 <dot> pa <dot> us
Dear Halligan Family,
I recieved your act of kindness card in the mail yesterday, and I just wanted to say that this web site is fantastic! Rick and I didn't know Shane,but we know both of his parents.
Donna and John, please keep celebrating his life in as many ways as you can. I'm glad that there is a site like this, and I know that it will be helping alot of people.
Rick and Lisa Pasceri
03-20-2007 19:34 hour
Kate Piening ( North Wales, PA )
up untill now it's been hard to even think about posting something about Shane because it is so unreal. But seeing everybody else's stories deffinitely put things into perspective. I dont know what it was about Shane that always put a positive spin on things. Could it be his ridiculously hilarious quotes.. "Are those real Chucks..?" or how excited he got whenever there was a firecall, even if it did end up just being a vending machine that caught on fire=]I'll never really know, but what i do know is that a day never passes where he doesn't cross my mind, and i miss him so much.
03-19-2007 19:03 hour
Grace Malizia ( Collegeville, PA )
Genna's story makes me laugh everytime I remember it. I loved Shane and I miss him everyday.
03-18-2007 10:17 hour
Paige Malizia ( Collegeville, PA ) pkm3091 <at> aol <dot> com
I still can't believe Shane is gone. I miss him so much. He was a great cousin and an awesome guy.
03-17-2007 06:52 hour
Teresa Mignogno ( roslyn , pa ) tt2962 <at> hotmail <dot> com
Homepage: myspace
Hello aunt Donna.

I just wanted to say hi and that keep strong and shane will always be in ur hearts and in ur mind. He is also walking around looking at everyone even though you can't see him. I pray for him and your family every single ngiht before i go to bed and I will keep on doing it. I love and miss all of you so very much.

from Teresa.
03-15-2007 18:23 hour
Matt McDowell mattymcd17 <at> yahoo <dot> com
Heres a video dedicated to shane


just click that link
03-15-2007 13:47 hour
Victoria ( Flourtown , USA ) blueyedgirl1317 <at> aol <dot> com
Dear Halligans,
Your son touched the lives of many, including mine. He was a wonderful person, with a kind heart, and I would like to share this poem with you that I wrote.
Why decide never to see another sunrise?
To never feel an ocean breeze,
To never be able to arise
To the beauty that one sees.
Why decide not to look for tomorrow
And only see today?
And now you have no tomorrow
Like a morning bloom now so gray.
Why decide to hurt your parents?
You classmates.
Why couldn't we do something
To help stop this in the end?
Why hurt your self and others?
Why not try to see this through?
If you can't live for tomorrow,
Live for the people that love you.
Shane, look at your school crying
See what you have done?
We all hated to see you lying
There on the floor holding that gun.
Shane. Shane. Shane.
What a shame to see your life go bye.
We will miss you and cry for you
Now you are in your place in the sky
03-15-2007 08:16 hour
Julie Rafalowski
Dear Halligans,

When I heard about what happened to Shane, I was up at school and very distraught over what happened. Having known him through the Thespain Troupe and by my mom being his CCD teacher. I remember one time he had to come over so my mom could get him ready for Confirmation and I walked into my kitchen and I saw him sitting there. We were both shocked that both of us were there and he hadnt made the connection that Mrs.Raf was my mom and I was just shocked that Shane was in my kitchen. It just was one of those moments that you didnt expect and I will remember it for the rest of my life.
03-14-2007 14:30 hour
Matthew McGovern ( Oreland, PA , USA ) mcgovern09 <at> yahoo <dot> com
i heard these a while ago and I really liked them, so I thought I'd share them.

Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there... I do not sleep.
I am the thousand winds that blow...
I am the diamond glints on snow...
I am the sunlight on ripened grain...
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you waken in the morning's hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of gentle birds in circling flight...
I am the soft star that shines at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry—
I am not there... I did not die...

In Time of Sorrow...

May you see God's light on the path ahead
When the road you walk is dark.
May you always hear,
Even in your hour of sorrow,
The gentle singing of the lark.
When times are hard may hardness
Never turn your heart to stone,
May you always remember
when the shadows fall—
You do not walk alone.
03-14-2007 12:34 hour
jessica ( pa )
i sort of stumbed on this site, i'd never even heard the story until this, but it made me cry. your family seems so brave and inspiring.
thank you..
03-13-2007 14:14 hour
Megan ( pennsylvania , ambler ) jessicalee <at> aol <dot> com
Homepage: yahoo.com
I am sorry about the death of a family member and friend. i do not know shane but i am sure he was a great person. Good luck

and remember that he is in your hearts

03-13-2007 08:10 hour
Donna Halligan
Homepage: shaneskindness.com
It is with much joy that I tell you that because of the generosity of your contributions to Shane's memorial fund we have been able to provide an "act of kindness" to a local pre-school, for tuition assistance for a needy family. It will belp a single mom, provide much needed day care in a safe place. God Bless your kindness.
03-12-2007 21:56 hour
Allan-Michael Meads ( Oreland, PA , USA ) amliu2010 <at> aim <dot> com
Dear Halligans,
I am so honored to have known your son and brother, Shane. I was in musical theatre class with him and in many of the shows at SHS. I had the opportunity to speak with u (parents) during a Back To School Night in the spring of my junior year. I first met Shane during School House Rock Live Jr. Him and I were the only guys in the show. He was the funniest guy I had ever met. He knew so many facts about nature. He was so dedicated to being a volunteer firefighter. I will never forget a time during Godspell where he dropped his fire(alarm) detector and I have never seen someone put batteries back in so quickly, and he would stop what he was doing if needed, and run to the station. My last show with him was In the Year In The Life of Friends. At Friendly's there is a picture of a group of thespians with Shane in it. A kid who was smiling. You are a strong family with a great community support. I'll miss my thespian buddy and his laughter.

Allan Michael Meads
03-12-2007 19:28 hour
brandon h ( ambler pa )
Dear Halligan family

Even though i never meet shane i felt compelled to send you this. Im srry for the tragedy you and your family experienced, i think your brave and courages people for makin this site and trust me this site will help thousands of people. i am glad to go to this site because even though there are alot of problems in my life rite now this site helped me realize how precious life is and how it can be taken so fast. i just want to personally thank your for makin this site.

03-12-2007 07:35 hour
Ashly Collins ( Flourtown, PA ) ashly_collins <at> georgeschool <dot> org
Dear Halligans,

It is truely amazing to see something as this. You are not grieving Shane's death, you are celebrating his life. Yesterday was the 5 year anniversary of my father's death. While it is still hard for me, I too am trying to overcome grief and celebrate the memories of good times.

You all are truely strong and deserve a lot of praise. Not many people can do as you have. You're truely a success.

03-11-2007 17:25 hour
Dear Halligan family,
To tell the truth Shane and I were not the best of friends and until now I did not know how much I missed him. He brought laughter and happiness to the people around. Shane was truly a special person and I am glad to have know him. You did an excellent bring Shane up to become the man everyone knew and loved. Shane is one of the best people I have ever met.

With Love,
Nick DeViso
03-08-2007 13:45 hour
Matthew McGovern ( Oreland, PA ) mcgovern09 <at> yahoo <dot> com
to all the Halligans,

Your strength through the whole ordeal amazed me and still does to this day. We all loved Shane, and I will miss him for the rest of my life. Know that if you ever need anything, you can give my family and I a call. You are some of the pillars of this community, and I thank you for everything you have done and will continue to do to make Oreland and Springfield a better place. Good luck, and I'm sure I will see you all soon, especially you Mr.Halligan. I need to get that last Citizenship done, so expect a call from me soon. With love, Matt

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