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03-11-2013 21:35 hour
dee toto ( cENTER SQUARE , USA ) deetoto <at> comcast <dot> net
Just a thought..all of the responses that have been received thru Shanes Kindness is a great way to remember the people who have needed and received help from Shanes Fund. It's also a great way to remember them in our prayers. Love, Mom
02-21-2013 12:17 hour
I just wanted to send a deep heartfelt thank you to Donna and John. I told Donna about my cousin who had a terrible accident while working. He has 3rd degree burns over 80% of his body. Donna just handed me an envelope the other day for my cousin. This act of kindness is a God send to my cousin and his family. He could be in the hospital anywhere from 6 mos. to a year; he has a long road ahead. Donna and John don’t even know him they just gave. They do this all the time; they are good people who give so much of themselves in the name of Shane. Thank you again for all that you do.
01-13-2013 11:18 hour
Bucky(Roy) Buckwalter ( Hatboro,Pa , USA ) bucky1253 <at> gmail <dot> com
I would like to thank this Foundation
again for their act of kindness as they made my Christmas a very nice one.I am e-mailing everyone on my e-mail list so maybe some can donate to this wonderful

Again,Thank you,
01-11-2013 15:45 hour
I think about Shane often and I didn't even get a chance to meet him. This site is amazing; I have no doubt that it has helped saved lives with its suicide prevention messaging and continuous stories of kindness and love. Thank you for all you're doing. My thoughts are with you, and everyone else who has lost someone from suicide. God bless Shane and Cole.
01-11-2013 15:14 hour
D.Lux. ( flourtown , usa ) dlux2213 <at> aol <dot> com
I really don't know where Cheryl, Chase and I would be or how we can move forward
without Donna and John's love, support and
aid through "Shane's Kindness". It has been my goal from day one to try to be as strong as they are and from there team with them in any way possible to help those in need. Our love for them extends to Chris and Kara as well. God Bless!
01-06-2013 10:58 hour
Tina ( Pennsylvania , USA )
I want to thank the kindness I received yesterday. It was a shock to me but it came at a great time. We have been dealt with a lot in our family since August. We are really struggling to stay a float and it was soooo nice to receive this gift and I am not even sure how it came about. We are truly THANKFUL! Thank you for everything you do for people you are truly a gift from God. God Bless and Happy New Year
12-20-2012 09:03 hour
Denise Mac ( Flourtown , USA ) dmcnamara <at> springgarden <dot> cc
No one exemplifies the true spirit of giving better than Donna and John Halligan. They bring Christmas to our community and beyond all year long. It is our sincere pleasure to support their acts of kindness. Merry Christmas Donna and John.
12-12-2012 17:30 hour
Donna, I am so grateful you are my sister. I have come to you so many times and you listen and give me words of inspiration. You and John touch so many peoples lives and I want to say I love you guys. Shanes kindness inspires me and there is not a day that goes by that he is not in my thoughts and heart
12-12-2012 11:35 hour
Joan hgtvjoan <at> yahoo <dot> com
Never a day goes by that I don't think of Shane and others. Always close to our hearts are our children,our family and our friends. God Bless!
12-08-2012 18:44 hour
Bucky (Roy)Buckwalter ( Hatboro,Pa , USA ) bucky1253 <at> gmail <dot> com
I received this card today and just could not beleive it. I was really wondering how bad my Christmas was going to be as I was struck by two cars last Nov 29th and I am strugging trying to make ends meet.This is going to make my Christmas a wonderful one for my son who is 16 years old.He is having a hard time dealing with my injury,as I have lost the use of my righthand and arm.I really want to thank Shanes Act of Kindness as I never knew about this charity until today, so if you read this I hope you can donate, please do as this is a wonerful thing they are doing.I just want everyone know how they have touched my Heart.Again thank you so very much.
11-10-2012 11:58 hour
Ned Noon ( Michigan , USA ) kin2win2012 <at> yahoo <dot> com
Homepage: http://www.facebook.com/KindnessInitiativeNetwork
I love what you are doing here suicide prevention is a top priority because there is way too much negativity in this world.
I have started a movement on Facebook to help spread kindness were people do good deeds or kind acts and post about them to encourage others to do the same! We would love to work together with your group to help when we can! Check us out! http://www.facebook.com/KindnessInitiativeNetwork
10-16-2012 13:58 hour
Please let use remember to be kind. There is too much gossip and petty cruelty in the world. we need to try and make our community a haven for our children. WE ALL need to be less judgemental and more understanding. It really is simple to be nice
10-15-2012 19:09 hour
Joan ( USA ) hgtvjoan <at> yahoo <dot> com
Tomorrow is another sad day as a student is laid to rest due to suicide. We pray for the entire family and the community here in Springfield again on this loss of a beloved child. It never gets easy even though there is awareness and we still don't have answers as to why! We can only pray for the day when this never happens again! I personally pray for everyone including Shane every day. I look at a little angel statue every day and it reminds of children gone! This site for Shane is wonderful and all that your family does means so much! JP
09-03-2012 15:39 hour
matt McDowell mattymcd17 <at> yahoo <dot> com
Miss you Shane
08-15-2012 13:12 hour
Teen Challenge Training Center ( Rehrersburg, PA , USA ) joe <dot> batluck <at> teenchallengetc <dot> com
Homepage: www.teenchallengetc.com
Thank you Shane's Kindness for giving the gift of life to the students at Teen Challenge. There are so many things in life that can rob an individual of their dignity, worth and at times life itself. Your gift helped rescue a person held hostage by addiction find freedom and a new life. Thank you...and thank God for you.
08-01-2012 23:15 hour
Tiffany Snyder ( Glenside, Pa )
Because of Shane's Acts of Kindness I have been able to continue to my education at Albright College. The Halligan family is the reason why I am still in school to become a teacher. I'm sure they will never know the number of lives they have touched. Today I was filling out an application for a grant to be able to go back to college by the end of August; a boy sitting next to me at work asked me why Shane's name was on my paper, as I started to explain to him mine and Shane's story he simply turned to me and said you don't need to tell me I went to school with him. He proceeded to tell me how amazing the Halligan family has been to the community. So, today I came to share the story on the page and find some motivation to finish this grant application which explains why I may not return back to school and I came across an entry from my "mom". She wrote it on my birthday. She talks about the Halligan family putting back a sparkle in my eye in Shane's name. Simply put; thank you dearly.
07-29-2012 22:09 hour
Joe Cintron ( Norristown Pa. , United States ) joeycintron <at> comcast <dot> net
Homepage: www.facebook.com/JoeCintronSeeksHelpToPurchaseWheelchairVan?ref=hl#
I can't thank "Shane's Kindness" foundation enough for the generous donation to my van fundraiser. I especially appreciate the thought behind the donation. A mom helping another mom.

Please know that i won't forget your kindness . Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
07-26-2012 21:43 hour
Jessica Wright ( Philadelphia, PA , US ) jessicaw032 <at> aol <dot> com
I’m a single mother of 2 beautiful girls that lost their dad on December 22, 2004 due to depression that lead to suicide. I work 2 jobs to give them the best I can unfortunately neither of the jobs offer medical insurance because I’m not considered full time employee. I need to have a procedure done that I could not afford until today. Thanks to The Shane’s Kindness fund I can take the first step to getting healthy for my children. I cannot thank you enough. It’s amazing what you do to help others in need. I feel very blessed,today being my kids father’s birthday he would have been turning 35 that I can’t help but to feel opening my mail to find the letter with the donation that he was standing by me letting me know he’s still looking after me, it brings happy tears to my eyes so thank you for that as well.My promise is to give as much as I can so someone else can be helped and feel as blessed as I do right now.
07-25-2012 21:20 hour
Joan ( USA ) hgtvjoan <at> yahoo <dot> com
Donna, My mom passed on 7/20 and her hospice nurse for only 3 hours was awesome.As my mom passed we were talking to the nurse and found out that her nephew age 23 committed suicide 2 weeks prior. Their was a breakup between her nephew and a girlfriend. The family is hurting and if you are contacted know that I told her about you and Shanes Kindness site. I hope they reach out for help in coping. I cannot remember her name but the hospice group was Crossroads in Plymouth Meeting.
06-21-2012 22:31 hour
Joseph Walker ( Philadelphia , USA )
Here is the correct link;

06-21-2012 22:29 hour
Joseph Walker ( Philadelphia , USA )
Homepage: http://www.impactprospects.com/confirm12nesuper.htm
Thank you Shane's Kindness and the Halligan's along with everyone who donates to the Shane's Kindness Fund. You made it possible for me to attend the Blue Grey Super Football Combine in New England. It gave me a chance to experience something that alot of kids don't get to do. I am a quarterback for my high school and football is my passion. I'm happy that you believed in me,so thank you and thank you for your notes Mrs. Halligan that you sent me,they were very inspirational. If I make it to the pro's I'll make sure yall get tickets.
04-15-2012 21:51 hour
Justine Gostomski jkgostomski <at> gmail <dot> com
Shane's Kindness has allowed me the oppurtunity to further my education in a way I never thought I'd be able to afford. I was never as shocked as the day Donna was so willing to take a chance on my future; I couldn't believe someone I barely knew, and who barely knew me, was beyond ecstatic to lend a helping hand. I never met Shane or his family before but I could tell he was a wonderful person just by the people he was surrounded by. Because of the Halligan family's pursuit to exhibit the kindness Shane portrayed, their generosity has shown me that altruism and positivity can go a long way. This oppurtunity has given me a new perspective on life, humanity and how I choose to treat others. I cannot thank you enough!
03-20-2012 17:46 hour
mom & son ( philadelphia,pennsylvania )
I received helped from shanes kindness to get my son much needed bed & bedding & helped me get groceries. This took alot of weight off of my shoulders. I am eternally thankful for this help. Please continue with your mission to help others. I also read the message board and how many lives you have touched. Shane was a very handsome & smart young man & I can tell he was very much loved. Shane & his family will always have a place in my heart. Hugs from my family to yours.
01-29-2012 18:26 hour
Amy ( Glenside , USA ) amymarieflynn <at> aol <dot> com
I want everyone to know that the Halligan family has touched the life of my amazing "daughter." When she was about to lose hope the family came through and put the sparkle back in her eyes. As I said in my e-mail, the sparkle in her eyes is proof that Shane continues to touch and bless people every day. Our family will continue to spread the kindness that has been shown to her and we will always let people know that it is in the memory of Shane whose love continues to touch us. Thanks for putting the smile back on her face. We love you and your family!
12-14-2011 09:36 hour
I received this email. I wanted to post it for 2 reasons, because I respect her for what she did and I apologize for ever implying that Shane's actions were in any way kind. Her email as follows is in two parts:
I want to say I commend your family for turning this tragic situation into a positive one by helping so many people out there. However, as a student that survived that day it is slightly disrespectful to make the name shane's kindness so public and act like what happened that day did not negatively impact those who were traumatized. I respect that this is the way that your family and friends grieve his death. Maybe renaming the website would benefit those who are struggling with it. I did not know your son but I was right next to him when he started shooting in the hallway and had to run and hide in a classroom that would not lock for an hour with 6 others.
12-14-2011 09:33 hour
I have been going to counseling for a year now to deal with my post traumatic stress disorder and have to take anxiety medicine. I have reoccurring nightmares and flashbacks of that event. Shane did not demonstrate his kindness to me that day especially because I never did anything to him. I understand he was troubled but he took out his frustrations on 1000 innocent people. I dont blame you or your family at all for what happened and i have forgiven shane. I just feel it would honor the people who were effected by that day to not take away from their grieving process by remembering him by saying he has saved live by what he did or that he was acting kind. I dont in any way want to make you feel guilty or responsible because I cant imagine how you are feeling. I pray for your family regularly.
12-13-2011 12:38 hour
Gina ( Springfield , USA ) decaldollars <at> gmail <dot> com
I just want you to know that your example of peace is an inspiration. You never blamed anyone and in this world, that's amazing. May God Bless you
12-12-2011 22:08 hour
Nancy Schaeffer ( Glenside , United States ) nschaeffer <at> msn <dot> com
John, Donna and the Halligan Family, You are never far from our thoughts. In honor of Shane's memory we will be helping someone this Christmas season. I'll call to pick up Acts of Kindness Cards. I love them. What a gentle reminder of how a little deed in a weary world can make a difference.
Nancy, John, Jarrett, Johnny, Richard and Will
12-12-2011 17:15 hour
Kristin and Kia ( Philadelphia,PA. )
Today Donna,John and Family are all in our thoughts and prayers. Shane will always be with you and his memory will live on in many. You were blessed with the time you had with him. He was an OUTSTANDING kid,the product of OUTSTANDING parents. You have kept his memory alive with the Shane's Kindness Fund,he will never be forgotten. (HUGS TO YOU ALL)
12-11-2011 22:08 hour
Annie ( Wyndmoor , USA ) bradley <dot> anne <at> yahoo <dot> com
Tomorrow marks 5 years...you made it so that no one would forget how you passed, or the day (Wednesday December 12, 2006), or the time you passed (9:16am...between A-block and B-block) but I will always remember the great life you lived (fire fighter,eagle scout, amazing friend, I'm sure great brother and son)...I miss you. rest in peace buddy! KINDNESS SAVES LIVES...spread the word...SJH ♥ LOVE YOU SHANE WORDS CANT DESCRIBE.I told your sister this time last year that the unfortunate death of yours saved my life, I meant it.. I can never repay you for that, but I will pass on your kindness. THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE!
12-11-2011 16:16 hour
Dear Shane, I always wondered what you would be when you grew up. Never in my wildest dreams did I know that your goodness and kindness would touch so many. I am so proud of you. Today is for you and for all you would have become. I know you are with me and I with you. All my love, Mom
12-02-2011 16:23 hour
The Lewis Family ( Philadelphia Pa. )
Mr. and Mrs. Halligan,

We needed a miracle and u answered our prayers. Because of u our children will have a christmas along with a family dinner with all of the trimmings. Thank u for that. Your son lives on in many. Merry Christmas.
11-18-2011 12:18 hour
Tina ( Oreland , usa ) Donnelly515 <at> comcast <dot> net
This memorial just made my family's Christmas. My husband and I have four children and my job has been very slow and I only work two days a week. My husband works two jobs just to keep a roof over our heads and he sleeps when he is not working because he is sooo tired. This memorial is able to help us give our children the Christmas they deserve and we don't have to find a way to tell them there is no Santa or answer why Santa did not put things under the tree for them. I Thank Shane's Kindness so much. They are my angels
11-17-2011 14:29 hour
That is such a great story. You helped him and the troops. You have also allowed Shane's life and death to again have an impact on someone else's life. Thanks for doing the right thing and thanks for dedicating your "acts of kindness" to Shane's memory.
11-17-2011 13:11 hour
Okay, today I was doing some "layaway" shopping at Walmart. An elderly man and his wife were in line. He was complaining that there wasnt enough help and was acting miserable. I noticed he was purchasing several prepackaged christmas gifts like tea and mug sets, hot chocolate, candy canes. So I said why are you so grumpy when you are buying all these neat christmas items. He said it was for his grandson and fellow soldiers in Iraq. I thanked him for their service and donated to him these "Eagles" popcorn canisters (I had bought 3, but didnt really know who I would give them to)and gave him a Shanes kindness card. He became tearful, thanked me and was going to church that evening to say a prayer for Shane and our family
Love you guys
10-05-2011 18:00 hour
Many thanks for making it possible for my son to play football. What a great thing you are doing. I can't say than you enough.
09-06-2011 20:15 hour
Ruby Armor
I received a gift of paid swimming lessons and club memberships for years to come that came with an Acts of Kindness Card. It was one of the nicest things anybody ever did for me!
08-25-2011 14:28 hour
Joanna G.
To The Halligan Family in memory of Shane.My name is Joanna and I just wanted to say thank you for helping me get everything my boys needed to go back to school,it helped us so much. I know I would not be able to do it alone,so I thank you for all your help. From me and my grandsons we want to say thanks for doing such a wonderful thing in the name of your son Shane.My heart is with you and words can not express how a stranger would help us this way. May god bless you as you have blessed us.. so thanks so much again for this blessing.
From Joanna, Gavin and Jaylen, with our love.
08-24-2011 18:45 hour
Tracy Benenati ( Patchogue, NY , USA ) matrinaisa3 <at> msn <dot> com
We lost my beautiful brother Tommy at age 26 to suicide on 10/31/06. He was a kind and funny guy who was loved by all. I applaud you for your efforts in Shane's memory. Now, even five years after losing Tommy, it seems there are so many unanswered questions. Questions we'll never have the answer to. I hope to do something in Tommy's memory as you have done for Shane. May all those who visit this sight be inspired by Shane's kindness.
07-27-2011 16:54 hour
Donna Halligan donnahalligan <at> verizon <dot> net
The Shanes Kindness Golf Outing and Deck party will be held on Friday Sept 2nd. This is open to all, not just golfers. Please email me at donnahalligan@verizon.net for more info.

An update on the fund this year: You have provided for funds to help with family expenses when a little guy from Glenside passed away suddently. A mother with 4 kids need help with back to school supplies. Another family need assistance burying a child back in NNovember. Provided families of Holy Martyrs with gift cards for Christmas and also counseling for a family whose daughter could not find the light. A man who lost much in a fire, a single mom who had to choose between classes for her children or to replace their only tv. Heater repair, dance classes, air conditioners in 2 different home where there were none. The Mike Taub recovery fund and for a local fireman battling cancer to try and lighten his load. Many other "acts of kindness" were possible because of your generosity. Thank You
07-17-2011 13:05 hour
Shirley ( Bryn Mawr , USA ) snbidi <at> comcast <dot> net
My son Greg took his life 2 years ago and I also believe one of the messages left behind by all that die by suicide is "kindness matters". Let's slow down and really look and speak to the heart of everyone we meet. Reach out to someone. We can make a difference.
06-25-2011 22:19 hour
Kris and Kia ( Philadelphia )
You guys have been a blessing to many people and families...keep up the wonderful things you do for others in memory of Shane. Your kindness will not be forgotten
02-12-2011 13:57 hour
Lewis family ( Phila )
I would like to thank u for the help u gave my family so we could get our heater repaired. My family was without heat for almost 2 weeks when u stepped in to help. It was really kind of u and we will pay it forward when we can. thank u so much.
01-25-2011 00:29 hour
Joseph C. McGarity ( Philadelphia, Pa. ) jsphmcga <at> aol <dot> com
To Donna, John and everyone involved with the Foundation, I would like to send my heart felt gratitude for your gift to me.
Three days before last Christmas I had a fire in my kitchen. It only caused a lot of smoke damage. The first blessing.
That night at a meeting I spoke of the events of my day. After the meeting a man came to me with a bag and said he thought someone could use them tonight. Inside was a nice parka and a CarHartt work coat. my size. The second blessing.
The next morning I was told that people whose home we were working on had all the furniture I would need to replace. The third blessing in 24 hours.
The next two days were filled with little blessings from many. From cloths or a place to stay. To even money slipped to me in a hand shake.
On the 24th My cousin called and told me of Your gift, The biggest blessing. The feeling that came over me was overwhelming, all this GoodWill shown to me in three days, Made this the Truest Christmas, I've ever had.
01-11-2011 17:35 hour
Eileen ( Orelande , USA ) eileengal21 <at> yahoo <dot> com
"So shines a kind deed in a weary world..." I was recently the recipient of "Shane's Kindness"...while the monetary gift will really take a load off my shoulders, the true gift came in the renewal of faith in others...the reminder of how valuable and precious my children are, and the confirmation of my life's work. I am a school counselor. I work daily with students who are struggling...sometimes thinking of ending their lives. Shane's card now hangs in my office. I will be paying this gift forward. Kindness can save the world. Thank you. May god bless us everyone. Peace. Namaste.
12-20-2010 09:54 hour

12-15-2010 15:00 hour
Thank you to all of you who were able to be with us on the 12th. Your generosity allowed us to bring over $850.00 in gift cards to Holy Martyrs.
12-12-2010 23:44 hour
Kristin and Kia ( Philadelphia )
Today your family is in our thoughts and prayers. Shane is watching over you all and he is so proud if you guys. Stay strong and continue to allow his memory live on through Shane's Fund.
12-10-2010 16:14 hour
Anne Bradley ( Wyndmoor )
Hey!! So this might sound pointless til I get to the end... celebrating my 21st birthday this year I got so many people to buy me drinks...I tryed this shot called sweedish fish. It was awesome...tasted like sweedish fish...duh. then I sat there and cried for a minute. Shane and I would eat sweedish fish in mr eickhoff's class jr year. He would get so mad when he saw us eating in his class. Shane and I didn't care. Its coming near 4 years of him being gone, and I still miss him everyday. Halligans, stay strong sunday, I will be by the house. love, Anne Bradley
12-08-2010 07:22 hour
Ilena ( Philadelphia , USA ) lenafox59 <at> aol <dot> com
I received a card from my good friend and cousin, Pat, its beautiful dedication to your son, and amazing that you are sharing your story and kindness..some people would have buried their hearts w/ their child..you are willing to open it and share..GOD BLESS YOU !! I then order some cards for myself and handed them out last night at our womans group dinner table.
I asked, as a gift from me please spread your kindness...We (as a group) donate to a local womans abused shelter, this year we gave to the children...TOYS TOYS and more TOYS...hoping to bring JOY and laughter back into their lives.
THANK YOU for sharing, & caring.
I said it daily this world needs more KINDNESS...and respect for others.
Peace ~ Ilena

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