Shane's Kindness

Product Information

Acts of Kindness Cards (Pack of 25)


Kindness is contagious. Our Kindness Cards are a way to honor Shane’s memory and make the world brighter.

Purchase a pack of Kindness Cards and use them whenever you perform a spontaneous, unsolicited good deed. Bring dinner to an elderly neighbor. Send flowers to someone who needs a lift. Pay for the person behind you in line. Offer your Kindness Card along with your good deed and you’ll pay tribute to Shane in the best possible way: by spreading kindness.

Each Kindness Card purchase helps us further our mission to provide temporary support for families and individuals throughout Springfield Township.

This “Act of Kindness” is in memory of Shane Halligan. We want to keep his memory alive by making our community a better place. If you received this card, please pay it forward by carrying out your own act of kindness!